Ranky Tanky (USA)

Freitag, 30. Mai 2020



Quentin Baxter - Schlagzeug und Perkussion
Kevin Hamilton - Bass
Quiana Parler - Gesang
Clay Ross - Gitarre und Gesang
Charlton Singleton - Trompete und Gesang


Ranky Tanky, a Charleston-based band, has won a Grammy Award in American Roots Music for its 2019 album, GOOD TIME.

The rollicking GOOD TIME took home the Grammy for Best Regional Roots Music Album, after reaching No. 1 on the Billboard, iTunes and Amazon jazz charts in 2019.

The band's jazz stylings are shaped by eclectic influences, but none so strong as the Gullah culture of the Carolinas and Georgia, which yielded "playful game songs, ecstatic shouts, and heartbreaking spirituals" on GOOD TIME.

Band member Charlton Singleton said during the group's acceptance speech at the Grammy celebration, that the win was a historic moment for Gullah culture.

"Highest praise unto God, the giver of all gifts and all things good," Singleton began. "It's an honor to be here to stand on the shoulders of our Gullah ancestry, and bring this music and message to the world. Special thanks to our family and friends and everybody in the Gullah community for their continued love and support."

Singleton described it as a "pinch-me" moment when he first learned the band had been nominated for a Grammy.

"These are the moments that you think about when you are a professional musician and if you are into the awards and things like that," Singleton said. "It's not totally about the awards, but it's always good to be recognized for your work and we're very proud to represent the Gullah community."

Ranky Tanky (USA)
Ranky Tanky (USA)