Daniel Holzleitner "Comprovisition Project" (AUT)

Sonntag, 31.5.2020

17:30 Uhr, St. Pigs Pub


Daniel Holzleitner: Trombone, Composition
Tobias Pustelnik: Saxophones
Piotr Lipowicz: Guitar
Urs hager: Piano
Ivar Roban Krizic: Bass
Matheus Jardim: Drums


In autumn 2016, after many years of trying out various compositions, band settings etc...,trombonist Daniel Holzleiter (who studies Jazz-Performance and composition in Graz and already played with various bands and musicans in and around Austria) formed his new 6-pieced band "Comprovisition Project". With the sound of the great classic Jazz-Sextetts of the 50ies and the 60ies in the back of his head, Daniel (who wrote all the band's music) is giving an effort to bring this traditional bandsetting into the 21st century. Daniel  is taking inspiration from all the music he likes to listen to, reaching from various styles of Jazz and freely improvised music to Hip Hop, Indie/Rock to 20th-century Classical music. The "Comprovisition Project" is consiting of musicans form all over Europe (Aut., Pol., Cro., Ger.) who met each other during their music studies in Graz. Everybody is bringing his own musical ideas, backgrounds and visions into the band to create a diverse and widespread but still unified sound. Even though the band is existing only for roughly 2 years it had already numerous shows in Austria and its surroundings, the first CD of the project will be released in late summer 2019. The goal of this band is to play exclusively original music which organically combines composed and improvised parts(thats where the bands name "Comprovisition" comes from). Larger forms and sections, different moods and various musical colours are created within every piece and every musican is equally important and has his very specific role within every composition. The listener is constantly challanged by big contrasts and is invited to a musical journey awaking different emotions reaching from dark/somber and melancholic moods, crazy and weird moments to happy and bright feelings.

Daniel Holzleitner "Comprovisition Project" (AUT)
Daniel Holzleitner "Comprovisition Project" (AUT)